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2 in 1 Cooling Pug Sofa Cushion Bed

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Color: Light Grey XL


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Introducing our innovative 2 in 1 Cooling Pug Sofa Cushion Bed - the ultimate comfort solution exclusively designed for your cherished pug.


  • Dual-Purpose Delight: This versatile sofa bed offers softness, comfort, and serves as a two-in-one pet accessory, providing exceptional value.

  • Orthopedic Bliss: Expertly designed to provide unparalleled orthopedic support for your pug's deep and restful sleep, ensuring their well-being.

  • Separative Design: The bed can be used with or without the backrest, offering your pug a comforting sense of security.

  • Premium Quality & Skin-Friendly: Crafted with skin-friendly, soft materials, it promotes relaxation, calms anxiety, and enhances sleep quality. Available in various colors to match your home decor.

  • Anti-Slip Assurance: Features anti-slip granules on the bottom for stability.

  • Effortless Maintenance: This 100% washable pug bed makes cleaning a breeze. The lightweight and easy-to-remove cover ensure hassle-free deep cleaning.

  • High-Quality Materials: Constructed from durable polyester-cotton canvas and pearl cotton, our sofa bed promises long-lasting comfort and support.

Available Sizes:

  • M: 53x30x50 cm / 20.8x11.8x19.6 in
  • XL: 100x35x60 cm / 39.3x13.7x23.6 in

Please Note: Upon receiving the product, gently pat it and let it rest for an hour for an even better user experience.

Give your cherished pug the gift of comfort and versatility with our 2 in 1 Cooling Pug Sofa Cushion Bed. Order now for the ultimate relaxation experience they truly deserve.

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