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Calming Raised Pug Pillow Bed

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Color: L-shaped

Size: M



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Introducing the Calming Raised Pug Pillow Bed, where pet comfort reaches new heights. Crafted from top-quality materials, this pet bed is designed to make your pug's sleep experience exceptional.

  • Luxurious Comfort: Beyond soft and cozy, it's skin-friendly for peaceful slumber, ensuring no more restless nights.
  • Easy Maintenance: The entire bed is removable and washable, making clean-up a breeze. Keep your pet's haven fresh and inviting with minimal effort.
  • Full Padding: Resilient and long-lasting, it maintains its shape, providing continuous support, with no sagging or flattening.
  • Cervical Spine Support: The raised pillow offers strong support, protecting your pug's cervical spine and promoting overall health and comfort during sleep.
  • Versatile Options: Choose from four distinctive shapes – oval, semi-circular, L-shaped, and square – to cater to every need and preference.

Size Options: Semi-circular:

  • M: Diameter: 40 cm, Recommend Weight: 3 kg
  • L: Diameter: 50 cm, Recommend Weight: 4 kg
  • XL: Diameter: 60 cm, Recommend Weight: 6 kg

Oval, L-shaped, Square:

  • M: 50x40cm, Recommend Weight: 4 kg
  • L: 60x45cm, Recommend Weight: 6 kg
  • XL: 75x55cm, Recommend Weight: 12 kg

Elevate your pug's sleep experience with the Calming Raised Pug Pillow Bed. It's the perfect blend of luxury, support, and easy maintenance. Order now and provide your furry companion with the rest they truly deserve!

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