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Faux Fur Pug Bed

$35.99 USD

Color: Pink

Size: 50x40cm



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Introducing the Faux Fur Pug Bed - A Haven of Luxury Tailored for Your Pint-Sized Companion!

  • FAUX FUR ELEGANCE: Pamper your pug with the epitome of style and comfort. The soft and plush faux fur surface adds a touch of elegance to any room, ensuring your pug lounges in luxurious splendor.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Say goodbye to the woes of handwashing pet beds! Our Faux Fur Pug Bed is designed for your convenience, with a machine-washable feature that keeps your pug's sanctuary fresh and inviting.
  • WATERPROOF BOTTOM: Accidents are no match for our Faux Fur Pug Bed. The waterproof bottom provides a protective shield against spills and mishaps, so your pug can enjoy their space worry-free.
  • FITS PERFECTLY IN PUG CRATE: Tailored to perfection, our pug bed fits seamlessly into your pug's crate, offering a snug retreat for them to unwind and relax. It's a personalized haven designed just for your pint-sized friend.
  • WARM & COZY: Crafted for year-round indulgence, our Pug Bed provides optimal insulation to keep your pug warm and content, especially during those chilly months. Because your pug deserves to be cozy and comfortable in any season.


  • 50x40cm
  • 60x50cm
  • 75x62cm

Spoil your pug with the ultimate in comfort and style. Elevate their naptime with the Faux Fur Pug Bed—because for your little bundle of joy, only the best will do. Order one today and treat your pug to a world of luxurious rest!

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