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Funny Rooster Squeaky Emulsion Pug Chew Toy

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Color: orange


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Introducing the Funny Rooster Squeaky Emulsion Pug Chew Toy – a delightful addition to your Pug's playtime, designed for lasting fun and joy!


  • Built to Last: Made from high-quality emulsion material, this toy can withstand rigorous play and chewing, ensuring its durability for endless Pug enjoyment.

  • Playful Rooster Design: The unique rooster shape adds an extra layer of amusement to your Pug's playtime, making it even more engaging.

  • Interactive Squeaker: Equipped with a built-in squeaker, this toy keeps your Pug entertained with delightful sounds, offering hours of interactive play.

  • Energy Release: Promote physical exercise and mental stimulation, allowing your Pug to release pent-up energy, making it an excellent choice for active dogs.

  • Gentle on Teeth: With a soft and flexible texture, this toy is kind to your Pug's teeth and gums while supporting dental health.

Product Details:

  • Main Material: Emulsion, chosen for its quality and safety.

  • Product Size: Measuring 23.5 cm (9.3 in) in length, this toy suits Pugs and various dog breeds, providing versatile playtime.

Upgrade your Pug's playtime with the Funny Rooster Squeaky Emulsion Pug Chew Toy. Order now for endless entertainment and joy for your cherished pet!

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