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High Quality Printed Collar For Pug

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Size: S



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Introducing our meticulously crafted High-Quality Printed Collar, tailor-made for your cherished Pug. Designed with utmost precision, this collar seamlessly combines style and functionality to provide the best for your furry friend.

  • Premium Materials: Constructed from high-density polyester webbing, this collar offers a gentle, soft touch that's kind to your Pug's skin. Its comfort is complemented by excellent breathability, ensuring your pet stays cool and content. The polyester webbing also enhances the vibrancy and durability of its charming patterns.
  • Effortless Usage: Our collar comes equipped with safe and environmentally friendly plastic side-release buckles, making it a cinch to put on and take off. The inclusion of sturdy metal D-rings provides secure attachment points for leashes and tags, guaranteeing both your Pug's safety and your peace of mind.
  • Safety Features: The collar boasts a zinc alloy D-ring, renowned for its resistance to corrosion, rust, and exceptional stability. The portable safety buckle incorporates a quick-release design, allowing for swift, one-second application. Bid farewell to unnecessary hassle during dressing time.

Available Sizes:

  • Small (S): 1.5 cm Width, 22-40 cm Neck Circumference
  • Medium (M): 2.0 cm Width, 33-55 cm Neck Circumference
  • Large (L): 2.5 cm Width, 40-65 cm Neck Circumference

Elevate your Pug's style and ensure their safety with our High-Quality Printed Collar. This collar not only complements your Pug's unique personality but also prioritizes their comfort and security. Be the envy of the neighborhood by ordering now!

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