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Interactive Plush Carrot Pug Toy

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Presenting our Interactive Plush Carrot Pug Toy – A Versatile Delight for Your Beloved Pug!

  • Elevated Playtime: This package includes 12 squeaky plush carrots and 1 squeak-enhanced latex corn to keep your four-legged friend entertained. Our vacuum-sealed packaging guarantees premium quality.
  • Puzzle Fun and Treat Discovery: This engaging pug toy conceals treats beneath the plush carrots and the included latex corn, creating an exciting puzzle experience to challenge and train your pug, all while easing their anxiety.
  • Mental Stimulation at Its Best: Pugs will employ their keen noses and intellect to unearth treats beneath the carrots, making it a great choice for brain-boosting activities for pugs of all kinds.
  • Squeak-Packed Latex Corn: The latex corn, featuring a soft, resilient texture and a delightful squeak, complements the plush carrot collection perfectly. Moreover, its textured surface aids in keeping your pug's teeth clean during playtime.
  • Unlimited Entertainment: Apart from serving as a treat dispenser, the 12 plush carrots can double as tug-of-war or fetch toys, making them excellent interactive playthings for pugs of any size.
  • Safety and Easy Maintenance: Packed with a highly elastic sponge and organic cotton, this pug enrichment toy can withstand even the most energetic play. The mat is detachable and machine washable, along with the 12 plush carrots.

Dimensions: 3535cm/13.7813.78in

Elevate playtime and enrich your cherished pug's life with our Interactive Plush Carrot Pug Toy. Grab one today and provide your pug with hours of entertainment, mental engagement, and dental care!

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