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Sleeping Guardian Bear Pug Cushion Cuddle Bed

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Introducing our Sleeping Guardian Bear Pug Cushion Cuddle Bed – the ideal haven for your beloved pug's comfort and security.


  • Luxurious Teddy Fleece Surface: Crafted with high-quality teddy fleece, this pet cushion bed offers warmth, softness, and elasticity, creating an inviting and cozy retreat for your pug.

  • Generous Sleeping Space: Designed to accommodate pugs of all sizes and positions, providing extra sleeping space for them to curl up or stretch out comfortably.

  • Premium PP Cotton Cushion: The high-resilience PP cotton cushion inside ensures warmth, softness, and suppleness, cradling your pug in comfort for a restful slumber.

  • Comfortable High Backrest: Featuring a high backrest design, this bed provides added comfort and promotes a healthy sleeping posture for your pug.

  • Easy Care with Removable & Washable Cushion: Cleaning is a breeze with the easily removable cushion, ensuring cleanliness and durability for long-lasting use.

  • Quality Materials: Crafted from plush teddy fleece and dimensional foam, this bed combines luxury with durability, promising a lasting investment in your pug's comfort.

Size: 525222 cm / 20.4720.478.66 inch

Give your beloved pug the gift of superior comfort with our Sleeping Guardian Bear Pug Cushion Cuddle Bed. Order now to provide them with a warm and snug resting place they'll cherish.

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