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Slipper Toy For Pug

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Color: Purple


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Tired of your Pug chewing your shoes? Say hello to our Slipper Toy for Pugs!


  • Irresistible Design: Looks just like your Pug's favorite footwear, made from chew-resistant cotton rope and canvas for durability.

  • Interactive Fun: Each slipper features a playful squeaker, keeping your Pug engaged in games like fetching and retrieving, while strengthening your bond.

  • Teething Relief: Ideal for teething Pugs, this toy diverts their attention from your belongings.

Main Materials: Crafted from high-quality cotton rope and polyester cloth for safety and durability.

Product Size:

  • 7 x 8 x 18 cm (2.8 x 3.2 x 7.1 in)

End the shoe-chewing dilemma with our Slipper Toy for Pugs. Get one today to keep your Pug entertained and your shoes intact!

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