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Squirrels Enrichment Pug Toy

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Introducing our Squirrels Enrichment Pug Toy – a playtime paradise for your furry companion!


  • End Boredom, Spark Joy: Take your pet on a whimsical forest adventure with adorable squirrels for engaging playtime.

  • Sensory Play: The plush squirrel contains a BB call that produces intriguing sounds, keeping your Pug entertained.

  • Lifelike Craftsmanship: Captures the essence of real squirrels, alleviating boredom and encouraging active play.

  • Softness Meets Durability: Crafted from ultra-soft fabric and premium PP cotton for a delightful tactile experience that can withstand enthusiastic play.

Product Specifications:

  • Tree Holes: 25x16cm (9.8x6.2 inches)
  • Squirrels: 13x5cm (5.1x1.9 inches)

Bring joy and engagement to your Pug's life with the Squirrels Enrichment Pug Toy. Order now for endless fun and exercise, even when you're not around!

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